Question: Where Is Cd Projekt Red Located?

Our home office is located in Warsaw, the capital city of Poland.

Where is CD Projekt RED store located?

CD Projekt S.A. (Polish: [ˌt͡sɛˈdɛ ˈprɔjɛkt]) is a Polish video game developer, publisher and distributor based in Warsaw, founded in May 1994 by Marcin Iwiński and Michał Kiciński.

Is CD Projekt RED German?

Headquartered in Warsaw, Poland, with offices in Cracow, Wrocław and in Los Angeles, California. CD PROJEKT RED’s game vision and studio mission remain unchanged: we strive to create the best RPGs in the world, while always keeping gamers’ needs at their core.

Where does the name CD Projekt Red come from?

The company, originally named CD Projekt, focused on importing CD-ROM software releases from the United States. Marcin and Michał often recall spending long hours at the Warsaw computer bazaar, selling games shipped from abroad.

How much money did CD Projekt Red make from cyberpunk?

In that same earnings call reported by, CD Projekt Red revealed it sold 13.7 million copies of Cyberpunk 2077 through 2020, essentially the first three weeks of the game’s life. As the game retailed for $59.99 at launch, that calculates to over $800 million in revenue.

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Will they make a Witcher 4?

The Witcher 4 is not confirmed, but we know CD Projekt Red is working on another title in The Witcher universe. The Witcher 4, or whatever the next Witcher game will be called, could be about any number of things; there is plenty of lore that encapsulates the universe and the wonderfully dynamic characters.

How many employees does CD Projekt Red have?

Cyberpunk 2077 maker CD Projekt Red will change how it operates to develop multiple AAA games and expansions in parallel, and only begin promoting its creations much closer to release.

Where did the CD come from?

In 1979, the first prototype CD was revealed to technology enthusiasts in Europe and Japan. A year later, electronics companies Philips and Sony teamed up to begin working on CDs for the public.

Does CD Projekt own Gog red? (formerly Good Old Games) is a digital distribution platform for video games and films. It is operated by GOG sp. z o.o., a wholly owned subsidiary of CD Projekt based in Warsaw, Poland. delivers DRM-free video games through its digital platform for Microsoft Windows, macOS and Linux.

How long has CD Projekt RED been around?

Established in 2002, located in Warsaw (HQ), Kraków and Wrocław, Poland, CD PROJEKT RED was born out of raw passion for video games.

Is CD Projekt RED a good company to work for?

Great place to work International environment, two canteens, nice & modern workplace. If you want to hire the best people, you’d pay top salaries.

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How do I get a job at CD Projekt RED?

Apply for the selected position by sending us your CV using “I’m interested” button. If you’re an artist, designer or programmer, please remember to include an up-to-date portfolio with your selected works.

Is CD Projekt RED a good place to work?

Great place to work International environment, two canteens, nice & modern workplace. If you want to hire the best people, you’d pay top salaries.

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