Question: Sonic Cd How To Get Good Future?

To get the Good Future in Act 3, you have to get the Good Future in both Acts 1 and 2. This is done by destroying the Robot Generator in the Past in each of the first two Acts.

Is Sonic CD creepy?

Many might not know that Sonic CD includes a secret sound test that hides a creepy room with an even creepier message on its walls. Some oddly uncomfortable music plays as you bear witness to some Japanese text in front of a background depicting images of a disturbing Sonic-oid creature.

What happens in the bad ending of Sonic CD?

In Sonic CD, Sonic changed the future by destroying the robot teleporters and collecting the Time Stones. The bad ending of Sonic CD shows that Little Planet immediately returned, still in its metallic state.

Can you play as Tails in Sonic CD?

Sonic CD – the 2011 version – for PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and PCs makes Sonic the Hedgehog’s sidekick is a playable character. Players can unlock Tails after completing the game.

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Why is Sonic CD boss so creepy?

Why was this changed to that? The boss music alone made me scared to play this game as a kid. They changed the soundtrack very late in development since they wanted more complex and western-sounding music for the US release. Only the past level themes were left intact.

What is the secret message in Sonic CD?

Like many Sonic the Hedgehog games, 1993’s Sonic CD possessed a Sound Test mode for listening to the game’s music, which could be accessed by pressing the following button sequence on the title screen: Down, Down, Down, Left, Right, and A. Using the Sound Test, players could access a very disturbing Easter egg.

How do you do the special level in Sonic CD?

In order to access them, the player must jump into the Giant Ring that appears at the end of each Zone while in possession of at least fifty Rings. The objective in the Special Stages is to chase down and destroy all six UFOs in each of them. The player will then be rewarded with one of the seven Time Stones.

What happens when you collect all the Time Stones in Sonic CD?

Collecting all the Time Stones unlocks the good ending of the game. In addition, by getting all the Time Stones, anytime the player travels to the future in a Zone, they will always get the good future, meaning they can enjoy a beautiful landscape and not face any Badniks.

How many endings are in Sonic CD?

Two endings exist, depending on whether or not the player collected the Time Stones or achieved a good future in each level.

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How do I unlock da garden?

This additional little mode can be accessed from the title screen menu of the game (“D.A. Garden” in the Mega CD version, or “Play Music” for the PC) after you achieve a total time of 37’27″57 or less for all the levels in Time Attack mode.

How do you get tails Sonic CD?

To unlock Miles “Tails” Prower as a playable character, beat the game once.

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