Question: How To Make A Cd Cover On Word?

Open Word and choose “New” from the “File” menu. Select the “Template” option and click on “Labels.” In the “Media” category, browse the CD cover templates available. Select the one that best suits the kind of cover you want to make. Don’t worry about the design on the cover.

Is there a CD template in Word?

Microsoft Word 2007 is able to print CD labels and, in fact, comes with its own predefined CD label templates. All you have to do is select one of the templates, fill it with your data and print the label.

How do I make a DVD cover in Word?

Select “Picture” in the “Illustrations” group to insert a picture on your computer. Select ” Clip Art ” if you want to insert an image from the clip art gallery. Insert a picture into the “Add Text and Graphics for Front of CD/DVD Case Insert Here,” the “Add Text and Graphics for Back of CD/DVD Case Insert Here” or both.

Can I write on a CD?

Yes, you can write directly on the disc. And yes, you can ruin the disc and maybe the drive when you do that – here’s how to make it work. Use a Sharpie. Other markers may also work fine, but some may not.

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How do I make a CD label in Windows 10?

Open the “File” menu and locate the “Print Label” option. Read the introduction page and click “Next.” Choose the CD you are making a label for by locating the CD title in the disc drive list or the “My Playlist” menu. Click on the CD title followed by the “Next” button.

How can I get free DVD labels?

There are many websites that offer free DVD labels for you to create.

  1. Choose a DVD label program that meets your needs. You also can use a CD label program, considering DVDs and CDs are similar in size.
  2. Download the desired program to your computer.
  3. Type the title of your DVD on the label.
  4. Print your DVD label.

What goes on a DVD cover?

Compulsory Features All conventional DVD covers include a Barcode, credits, the certificate plus any more details, forexample run time. We created this and included iton the back at the bottom, usually where they are all located on real films.

What should I write on a CD cover?

Basic Info

  • Ordered list of songs (your writer or artist will need to know what order your songs are in on the CD), with track times for each final cut.
  • Credits—producer, engineer, sound studio, cover design, photographer(s), writer(s), etc.
  • Lyrics—of all or any number of songs; particularly of original material.

What size is a CD cover to print?

Using CD Cover Dimensions The standard CD cover size is 4.75 by 4.75 inches, or 12 cm by 12 cm. This dimension is for the front or back cover of a standard jewel CD case.

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Can you put a sticker on a CD?

Its a plain good idea to put stickers on top of a CD-R. Go ahead. Even I have had no problems with stickers. Its only bad if you put the label on the wrong side, I know this from experience.

Can you put sticker paper on a CD?

Use only round labels, specified as CD/DVD, with your discs — this will ensure that your disc is correctly balanced in the drive and the adhesive used on such labels is not harmful to the disc’s data layer. Once applied, labels should never be removed or repositioned, as this may delaminate the disc.

What size is a CD sticker?

Standard label You will use standard CD label size most often. This type of CD sticker is used for most of label designs. The dimensions of standard label are 116 mm (4.57 in) external diameter and 45 mm (1.77 in) internal diameter.

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