Question: How To Mail A Cd Usps?

Wrap the CD with a sheet of bubble wrap and then enclose it in the SwapaCD Wrapper. The USPS has told us that using bubble wrap will cause the package to be irregularly shaped which will make it Media Mail rate.

Can you send CDs in the mail?

You can send books, videotapes, DVDs, CDs, printed music and other sound recordings through Media Mail as long as they weigh less than 70 pounds. Although you won’t pay as much to send these items via Media Mail, they can take longer to get to their destination.

What is the best way to send a CD in the mail?

If you’re sending several loose discs, stack them with a square of cardboard between each disc before wrapping the stack in bubble wrap. Pack the box or envelope with shredded paper, packing peanuts or more bubble wrap in order to keep the discs from moving around in the box.

How much does it cost to mail a DVD in USPS?

For sending just one DVD, the Postal Service is a good place to get the bubble envelope cheaply. According to the United States Postal Service, packs ofthree DVDs can be purchased for $3.30. This will add about 30 cents to your total shipping cost but will keep the DVD better protected during shipping.

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How much does it cost to send a CD in the mail?

Cost: $1.08 (2-ounce letter rate plus 30-cent non-machinable surcharge): Wrap the CD and 1 to 2 pieces of non-corrugated (cereal box-type) cardboard with the SwapaCD Wrapper. The stiffness of the CD and cardboard adds a $0.30 non-machinable surcharge to the $0.78 2-ounce letter rate.

Will postage stamps go up in 2021?

The PRC (Postal Regulatory Commission) has approved the requested changes for postal rates. The biggest change in this rate change is the cost to send a metered letter will increase by two cents, while stamp users will see a three-cent increase.

Can we Courier CD?

If you want to send CDs or Blu-ray, it is recommended to insert them in specially designed cases, even if they take away space inside the package. Less spacious but with a lower level of protection are simple paper bags, in which CDs can be inserted for transport.

How can I ship a DVD safely?

You need packaging that is lightweight and flat (or lightweight but in a box format), cost-effective, attractive, easy and quick to assemble, recyclable, and most of all – safe to mail CD’s and DVD’s inside. We could provide you with bubblewrap, plastic mailers, and tape to wrap them in.

Does USPS actually check media mail?

Another point to consider is that Media Mail items are not insured and are open to postal inspection. The USPS retains the right to open and inspect your package to check for abuse of the system such as including an item not on their approved items list.

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What qualifies for USPS Media Mail?


  • Books (at least 8 pages).
  • Sound recordings and video recordings, such as CDs and DVDs.
  • Play scripts and manuscripts for books, periodicals, and music.
  • Printed music.
  • Computer-readable media containing prerecorded information and guides or scripts prepared solely for use with such media.

How much does it cost to ship books USPS?

USPS Media Mail is the cheapest way to ship books and educational materials. Media Mail rates are based on weight. The first pound costs a flat $2.80, regardless of the destination. For each additional pound, the cost is $0.53.

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