How To Reuse A Cd?

12 Genius Ways To Reuse Your Old, Useless CDs

  1. CD Earring Holder. If your earrings are scattered all over your dresser or floating about your jewelry box, grab an old CD to make this cute earring holder.
  2. CD Table Mosaic.
  3. CD Bookend.
  4. CD Fish.
  5. CD Lamp.
  6. CD Roof.
  7. CD Clock.
  8. Giant CD Clock.

Can CD disc be reused?

If you have blank or rewritable CDs, you can effectively reuse them by replacing the material that’s on the discs. If there are albums you haven’t heard much of before, having a physical copy at hand can make it easier to listen to them in certain cases.

How can I reuse old CDs and DVDs?

Your old CDs and DVDs can be cut up and used to add some sparkle to almost anything. After you’ve cut your discs into small pieces, use them to create a mosaic pattern on drab-looking picture frames, flower pots, or mirrors. Try different shapes to add complexity to your design.

How can I use old CDs creatively?

24 Wonderful DIY Ideas To Do With Old CDs

  1. Make a beautiful bird bath.
  2. Turn your old, bland boots into shiny shoes. Mint Hasumy.
  3. Nailed it: driveway reflector.
  4. Infinity guitar picks.
  5. Make a trippy lamp.
  6. Easy ice scraper. Neven.
  7. A candle holder.
  8. Fridge decor.
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What do I do with a CD I don’t want?

Donate, trash, or recycle. The easiest way out is to drag your boxes of CDs to the curb or the dump, but you might also want to consider donating or recycling your collection instead.

Are old CDs worth anything?

Surprisingly, many record shops still buy and sell used CDs, as do some used-book stores. Still, Fuchs acknowledged that his store only pays about 25 cents per disc (“up to $1 for something really good”), and given the datedness of many people’s CD collections, the staff is very choosy about the shape they’re in.

Is there any use for old DVDs?

Thrift stores often accept DVDs in good condition and profits often go to a good cause. You can also give away your discs on websites like Craigslist or Freecycle. Perhaps someone else will enjoy your movies! Organizations like Operation Showtime and DVDs to The Troops pass on unwanted discs for troops to watch.

How can I use old CDs in the garden?

For garden plants, you can also hang the CDs from garden hooks near your fruits and vegetables. After hanging all of your CDs, observe the garden for a few days. If you notice pests attacking the same areas of the plants over and again, move the CDs to those locations or add additional ones.

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