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CD Replication :  Is the highest quality CD Audio products when compared to other duplication process. The CD replication process requires a lot of production pro stages that takes longer but it will provide best audio results. The process starts by creating an exact optical media disc (Glass master) in order to create an exact negative plate that holds the converted audio to digital storage using an optical image consists of 1s and 0s. Now the CD replication process will use the plates made to start the injection mold process using polycarbonates and metal oxide substrate. Once the CD replication is complete the next stage is to apply the imprinted image. CD duplication is not a real manufacturing process and not as good quality compared to the CD replication. Most musicians look for faster turn around time and they choose the duplication so you need to be sure if you pick fast turn around over quality discs. CD Replication

The benefits of audio CD technology can be summed up in 2 words: quality and economy. Never before has a pre-recorded format dominated the media market like CDs have. Their use has expanded into the realm of books, tutorials and training material dissemination. “High fidelity” has been replaced with digital, or CD quality. With this medium, you are guaranteed an end user experience that is second to none. One of the qualities that helped CDs stand apart from other audio formats is ‘non-linear’ playback, which gives the user the ability to determine track sequencing.

With the ever-decreasing cost of production, coupled with an increase in manufacturing technology, a wide variety of applications are available to you from the smallest to the largest runs.

Audio Dynamix has developed its reputation based on treating each customer like they are our only customer. Word of mouth referrals is our chief source of new accounts, which speaks volumes for our quality, service, turnaround and unsurpassed value.

It’s always great to ask one of our satisfied clients that we did CD Replications in the past.

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