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What is a Digipak?

Digipak®, is patented and registered trademark for the style of optical disc packaging CD/DVD/BluRay. Digipak cases consist of a book-style paperboard or card stock outer binding, with one or more plastic trays capable of holding a CD, DVD or BluRay attached to the inside. Digipak-style cases are one of the few common alternatives to the material of the  jewel case.

Digipak Template

To get your Digipak project started, you will need to download Audio Dynamic Digipak CD templates and DVD templates . Packages other than jewel cases ( jackets, wallets, digipaks, DVD cases, etc.) will be a single document. Jewel case templates come in two parts: one for the booklet or insert, and one for the tray card.

Digipak Artwork

Audio Dynmix a full service manufacture of CD, DVD and BluRay, our creative art department can help you to design your Digipak project. When you visit our 10,00 square foot facility in Teaneck NJ, you will have access to our art studio and see samples of other creative projects. The Digipak artwork project can be done remotely regardless if you have your own disigner or like to use Audio Dynamix creative team.